Triad Photobooth Rental’s New Green Screen Feature!

Triad Photobooth Rental’s New Green Screen Feature!


Just when we thought the Triad Photobooth Rental’s new Social Booth couldn’t get any better we have another feature to announce…Green Screen capabilities! That’s right folks! Our new Social Photobooth comes with a green screen. For those of you who don’t know, a Green Screen makes it possible to superimpose two images/videos into one…Think about a weatherman on the news- they use green screens! For example, a subject can sit in front of a Green Screen and, through new technology, appear to be standing in front of the Eiffel Tower based on whatever image is imposed to the screen (pretty cool, huh?). For a more in-depth look at this technology aka Chroma keying and how it works, check out this site!

Green Screen capabilities with our new photo booth means ENDLESS picture possibilities for you and your guests at your next North Carolina event! The beauty of this technology is that people in our booth can be transported anywhere in the World. This also gives our clients the chance to take their themed party to the next level. With your photo booth rental in the Triad area, you can step up your theme with a coinciding superimposed backdrop. Want to have a glamorous, red carpet themed party? At Triad Photobooth Rental, we can add the “Hollywood Hills” to the background of your pictures. Throwing a classing Toga Party? Look no further; we have the perfect props and we can also put a picture of Athens to be superimposed in the background of your pictures – trick your friends into thinking you all went on an international trip!  Haha.


Guests will have several different backgrounds and overlays to choose from at the beginning of each photo session, so when the user selects a picture of an African Safari, then that background will be incorporated for this particular photo sequence.  Let me explain. For example, say we have a sunset, pyramid, moon landing, and tropical jungle green screen images to choose from. I choose the jungle theme. Now, since I have it set on a 4-image template, all 4 images will display the Amazonian jungle background. Simple enough, right!? But let’s say I want more options.

Option Number 2: Guests will be able to select their background image for each photo they take. So, when using those same 4 images previously mentioned, I can have not only a jungle themed background but a moon landing, pyramid scene and a gorgeous sunset pic, and the best of it is, they’re all on one 4×6 template or 2×6 photo strip; the choice is yours.

Here are some examples of images we can superimpose into your photo booth pics!

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Triad Photobooth Rental today to get the party started!