Triad Photobooth Rental’s Academy Awards

Triad Bartenders Ball 2015-BLOG 19

The Oscars are coming up (this Sunday, the 28th!), so Triad Photobooth Rental thought it would be fun to do a little awards ceremony of our own. Our categories include top 3 best photobooth kisses (The Smoochie Award), silliest looks (The Goofy Award), most caught off guard (The Oopsie Award), most people fitting inside our booth (The Clown Car Award) and most glamorous looking crew (The Glammy Award).

The Smoochie: We had tons of sweet smooches to sift through, but finally reached a decision. Here are our top 3 favorite photobooth kisses!

And the winner is… #2! You can really feel the love in this picture and we loved the sweet embrace they shared while smooching.

The Goofy: There’s nothing we love more than to see people take full advantage of all the zany props we have to offer, such as the bat man mask and huge sunglasses. These people went above and beyond by gathering as many kooky props as they could. 

And the winner is…#3! These folks took full advantage of our viking helmet, 20’s flapper hat, sunglasses, gold chain AND gladiator helmet. Love the creativity.

The Oopsie: Sometimes the “1…2…3” warning our photobooths give isn’t enough! We are loving these caught off guard party-goers.

And the winner is…#1! These guys didnt even look in the direction of the camera in this hilarious photo. 

The Clown Car: Our Entourage Photobooth is the roomiest booth around and known to fit quite a few people, but these groups really pushed the limits. 

And the winner is…#2! We can count around 10 people squeezed into this booth and who knows how many more are hidden back there. 

The Glammy: In honor of the Oscars we rounded up the most glamorous and regal crews that ever stepped into our booth.

And the winner is…#1! Now, this was a tricky one but we could not the deny the glam on this couple in their 1920’s sparkle attire. 

If you want redcarpet quality pictures and memories to last a lifetime, contact Triad Photobooth Rental today!

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