Triad Photobooth Rental: Size Matters

PB Size Pic 1 

Triad Photo Booth Rental has the perfect Photobooth for you, no matter the space restriction. Since all events spaces are unique in space and size, we have two different booth sizes to accommodate you and your guests’s needs. The Vanity Photobooth, is the widest sit down booth on the market. Its dimensions are 74’’ Tall, 59” Wide by 34’ Deep. With a traditional bench seat, this booth can hold up to 4 people (depending on people’s size), and it can fit through any standard doorway.

PB Size Pic 2

The Entourage Photobooth, on the other hand, has a larger footprint and can accommodate larger groups—up to 8 people. It stands at 74” high. In additon, the booth has super wide access points..the widest curtian area being 65”. And with the curtain mounts fully extended, the overall length from the booth to the end of the curtains is 78”.

PB Size Pic 3PB Size Pic 4

No matter the Size of your venue, Triad Phootbooth Rental can accommodate your event need. Contact Triad Photobooth Rental and come experience for yourself.

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