Top 5 Favorite Photobooth Props

At Triad Photobooth Rental, we don’t play favorites, but our customers certainly do!  These photobooth props always end up missing for some reason or another. It’s like they sprouted legs of their own and walked away LOL. Lucky for us, we always carry backup! So, in no particular order, here are Triad Photobooth Rental’s Top 5 ever-so popular props for any occasion..

1. Batman Mask- Between the kids and the kids at heart we have a hard time hanging on to this prop after events. We can’t blame them for wanting to feel like a superhero, though!

Hello Kitty Tiara– Party-goers love to bring out their inner princess in our photobooths. Between the adorable “Hello Kitty” and the metallic, pink bling the ladies love putting on this tiara fit for a true queen.

King’s Crown– Guys and gals alike love to feel like they rule the photobooth with this regal prop. The multi-color gems and gold trim makes anyone who puts this crown on feel like they could rule the World.

Rapper’s glasses & chain– People love to get in touch with their inner hip-hop star when they step inside our photobooths. Between the gold chains and Kanye shutter glasses, everyone feels like a celeb in front of our cameras. You can tell people really leave the Gold chain due to all the faded gold paint.

Feather boas- One of the most classic, silly props; the feather boa is a staple in our customer’s favorites. While this prop doesn’t go missing all at once, it does, however, shed away one feather at a time until there is nothing left. There is always a trail of feathers at the end of the night. While this prop is definitely the messiest (those feathers get EVERYWHERE), we think they’re the most fun prop, too!

For customer service and a diverse selection of fabulous props, contact Triad Photobooth Rental today!

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