Which Photo Booth Should I Rent?

Photo courtesy of Vanity Photo Booths

It’s the question on a lot of people’s minds lately. With the up and coming must-have event rental becoming the photo booth, some people merely google it and think, “That will never fit into my party’s theme,” and suggest to simply allow people to snap cellphone pictures the whole night.

But photo booth isn’t simply some “extra” piece of the event-planning puzzle that can be discarded if need be. It is increasingly becoming the must-have event rental.

Do your homework; know what you’re renting to avoid having an unprofessional booth at your event.




Let us introduce our photo booth: the Vanity booth. With most ordinary photo booths cladding the black unstable walls, or worst yet PVC pipe with black curtains hung, and the random red half-curtain, they’re just not very nice looking. They can be dirty and clash with the decor of your party.

But with our photo booth, the thick white walls and long white curtain fit anywhere in any party setting. With LED lighting, it never looks tacky or out of place.

With the old photo booths, pictures come out once at a time with no ability to share it unless you have an old scanner lying around. The Vanity booth is the booth of the 21st century boasting the ability to share on Twitter and Facebook. The booth can also provide the host with a flash drive of all the night’s photographs at the end of the party.


Want to put some of the photos up on the big screen at your next event? We can do that too, something completely unheard of from the old photo booth.

Our photo booth also gives multiple copies of your photo booth session so everyone in the crowd can have a copy. And we let you completely customize our booth to your liking with props and the ability to have your party or event’s theme and title on our graphics screen located on the booth.

Our booths will guarantee your guests to have an absolute ball at making memories for you and them to share.

So before saying yes to any rental booths, be sure you’re not renting someone’s art project and look at the selection. You’ll find with a little bit of homework, the Vanity booth is perfect for absolutely any occasion.

For more information on our photo booths or to reserve your own booth at your next event, contact us . We would love to make your next party awesome.

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