Branding your business with Triad Photobooth Rental

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In the ever-competitive market place, Corporate Branding and the need for greater visibility has never been more important than it is today. Finding new and inventive ways to get the name of your business out there in the market place takes effort. You might be asking yourself ‘How can a photo booth company, namely Triad Photobooth Rental, help grow my business?’ Here’s 4 simple ways:

1. Photo Strip. Our photo booth can help heighten visibility and help extend your brand long after the event is over by simply adding your logo to the Photo strips. The photo strip is a keepsake and is less likely to get discarded compared to a business card.



2. External Video Monitor. Take that same logo and add it to the External Video monitor. This logo will rotate along with the pictures that are being taken for everyone to see.



3. Social Sharing. In today’s world everyone is on social media, whether they like it or not. What better way to engage with potential clients than on Facebook, Twitter and even email? With a click of a button, Triad Photoboooth Rental can turn these features on and start sharing images immediately.



4. Collect email addresses. Thank your guests for visiting your Tradeshow booth, and invite them to like your company facebook page or join the monthly newsletter. On footnote: Be careful not to spam people. It’s better to let things happen organically.


Contact Triad Photobooth Rental right away for a unique way to brand your business! 

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